Architectural Visualization Workshop

Intensive course of Cinema 4d + Vray and Adobe Photoshop
by Alberto Cibinetto.


Architectural Visualization Workshop is designed for architects, students or cg artists who want to know in deep all the knowledges of lighting, texturing with Cinema 4d + Vray and advanced postproduction with Adobe Photoshop.

Cinema 4d is a great software, native for Windows and Osx. The power of new VrayforC4d 3.4 allows you to create high-end visualization with great workflow in a professional way.
We’ll start from a 3d model made by Bauclassroom Team but after the course you could use any software you’re friendly with (Archicad, Rhino, Revit etc..) in order to create your 3d model. You’ll be able to recreate any atmospheric weather for your scene, materials (simplex and complex) but, most important, we’ll teach you our every-day workflow we use to create our stuff.

Bauclassroom is Beta tester for Laubwerk SurfaceSPREAD, a great scatter plugin we use to create vegetation in our scene.
Sometimes environment is one of the most interesting and likewise difficult stuff to create in 3d. We’ll go in deep with this software to show you all it’s power.

There are no images without postproduction. All the most important Visualization Studio and all the cg artist in the industry of arch-viz work a lot on finalizing their images.
We’ll show you how to set a professional postproduction file with all the adjustments layer and final touch to creat breathtaking pictures.

Each student must bring his own laptop with Cinema 4d r16/17 (studio version) + Vray 3.4 and Adobe Photoshop installed.
SurfaceSPREAD will be downloaded in demo version during workshop.
It’s better to work on laptop with  medium/high hardware specifications.

All the participants will receive an official VrayforC4d certificate.

16 - Villa in a Forest - Raw vegetation test
04 - Villa in a Forest - Shower details
Exterior entrance LQ chimney


You can find detailed program here

Cinema 4d R16/17 “studio” version+ Vray 3.4 and Adobe Photoshop

Laubwerk – SurfaceSPREAD

Seats available
8 seats (workshop will be activated with a minimun of 4 participants)

Course duration
6 days – November 27 to December 02 (Monday to Saturday)


From monday to saturday. 09.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 19.00

Alberto Cibinetto (Baumatte) VrayforC4d certified trainer + Alberto Silvan (Baumatte)

San Girolamo Emiliani Street 18, 31100 Treviso (ITALY)

Hardware and softwares
Each student must bring his own laptop with Cinema 4d r16/17 (studio version) + Vray 3.4 and Adobe Photoshop installed.
Example specifications:
– quad core processor 2,0 ghz or higher
– 8 gb ram
– video card 2gb or higher

850,00 euro
Early bird: for partecipants who buy tickets before 2017_10_16 price is euro 730,00

For italian consumer or business prices are not Vat included.
For parteicpants from other UE countries: No VAT charged.
Prices don’t include commission costs.

All partecipants will receive an official VRAYforc4d certificate.

Bauclassroom Team reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case the minimun number of partecipants (4) is not reached or in case of exceptional events.
In these cases, Bauclassroom Team wil refund the entire ticket’s price but will not refund the costs of accomodation, travel etc.

For any additional information please contact us at:

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